50 Baby Girl Names That Start with D (2024)


50 Baby Girl Names That Start with D (1)

By Rachel Bowie

Published Jul 21, 2020

Maybe your name starts with the same letter. Or perhaps you want to find a way to honor your aunt Donna who played a significant role in your life. No matter the reason, you and your partner know for certain that your baby girl’s name will start with the letter D. That’s why we’ve rounded up the best options—curated based on the Social Security Administration’s list of the most popular monikers for girls, but also, our own editor favorites. Let the browsing begin.


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50 Baby Girl Names That Start with D (2)

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1. Désirée

Taken from the French, this name means “desired” and “wished for.” Oh la la.

2. Diana

Royally inspired? Perhaps. It also means “divine” and has been trending upward over the past year.

3. Demi

Pronounced deh-ME, this name is making a comeback in Europe. (A nod to Demi Moore or Demi Lovato? You decide.)

4. Dena

There are a couple of spelling variations to consider (say, Deena or Dina), but this moniker means “avenged.”

5. Delaney

It means “dark challenger” and it’s also popular in Ireland.

50 Baby Girl Names That Start with D (3)

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6. Dara

“Star.” “Leader.” “Shows compassion.” Those are just a few of the meanings behind this name. No pressure, baby.

7. Destiny

It means “fate” and “fortune,” but better yet, this name has been in the top 50 for more than two decades.

8. Danica

Pronounced DAN-ih-kah, it means “morning star.”

9. Deka


10. Donna

In the ‘50s and ‘60s, this moniker paid homage to Donna Reed. Now, it’s associated more with Donna Karan. (It also means “lady.”)

50 Baby Girl Names That Start with D (4)

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11. Darla

You can’t go wrong with a name that means “darling.”

12. Davi

It means “little deer” and it’s surged 104 percent in popularity in recent weeks.

13. Devi

In Sanskrit, this name is a variation on “divine.” It’s also the perfect nod to the title character in Mindy Kaling’s Netflix series Never Have I Ever.

14. Delta

This Southern-inspired moniker pays tribute to the fourth letter of the Greek alphabet, but also the beauty of rivers.

15. Denisa

Of Spanish origins, those with this name tend to be introspective and expert learners.

50 Baby Girl Names That Start with D (5)

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16. Dorrie

It’s a variation on Doris and a nod to the mythological daughter of Oceanus, the sea god.

17. Daphne

The ‘90s TV show Frasier catapulted this name to fame, but it’s soothing meaning—“laurel tree” and “bay tree”—has kept it on the charts.

18. Devon

This gender-neutral name pays homage to quaint English farmlands.

19. Danielle

“God is my judge” is the meaning of this moniker. And you can call her Dani for short.

20. Delilah

This is currently one of the most popular Hebrew names for girls. It also means “delicate.”

50 Baby Girl Names That Start with D (6)

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21. Deborah

Short and sweet, it means “bee.” To shorten the spelling, try Debra.

22. Dominique

“Belonging to a lord.”

23. Dayna

Often spelled Dana, it means “from Denmark.”

24. Dylan

This poetic gender-neutral moniker means “son of the sea.”

25. Dawn

Up 30 percent in popularity this year, this name pays tribute to that first shot of daylight.

50 Baby Girl Names That Start with D (7)

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26. Dolly

“Gift of God.” It might be hard to compete with that.

27. Darsha

This Hindi name means “to see, to perceive, to have vision.” There’s truly no greater life skill.

28. Daeira

“Knowing” and “informed.” Ditto the above about life skills.

29. Delfina

Love dolphins? This name pays homage to them. (It’s also French.)

30. Didi

It’s mainly used as a nickname for Di-shortened names, but this moniker totally stands on its own.

50 Baby Girl Names That Start with D (8)

Laura Olivas

31. Delie

This name means “indestructible,” “immortal,” and “unconquerable.” Big shoes.

32. Deirdre

Irish in origin, this name is pronounced deer-drah and means “of the sorrows.”

33. Devona

Also spelled Devonna, it means “divine.”

34. Diane

Up 14 percent this year in popularity, this name also means “divine.”

35. Dusty

“Brave warrior.”

50 Baby Girl Names That Start with D (9)

Laura Olivas

36. Daisy

A delightful nod to The Great Gatsby, this is also one of the original flower names.

37. Dorinda

“Bountiful gift.”

38. Desme

It means “binding oath.”

39. Dharma

This moniker evokes the idea of having good karma in life, but it actually means “truth” in Sanskrit.

40. Deanna

Another name that means “divine.”

50 Baby Girl Names That Start with D (10)

JGI/Jamie Grill/Getty Images

41. Dakota

This name has Sioux origins and means “friendly one.”

42. Delia


43. Drew

Shout-out to Drew Barrymore, this name means “strong.” It’s also one that works for boys and girls.

44. Daelyn

This modern variation on Dale means “valley.”

45. Daryl

A gender-neutral name with French origins, it means “open.”

50 Baby Girl Names That Start with D (11)


46. Darianna

It means “holds possessions well” and it’s been experiencing a recent popularity surge.

47. Daria

“Kingly.” (Or as we like to say, “queenly.”)

48. Darlene

This name means “darling.”

49. Demitria

Up 22 percent in popularity this year, it means “goddess of fertility.”

50. Dorothy

Old lady baby names strike again! This name is set to hit the top 500, but it also means “gift of God.”


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50 Baby Girl Names That Start with D (12)

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50 Baby Girl Names That Start with D (2024)


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Celebrities who have given their daughters “D” monikers include: Daisy Dove (Katy Perry), Dakota (Rosie O'Donnell), Daniella (Gal Gadot), Delilah (Keira Knightley), Delta (Kristen Bell) and Dream (Rob Kardashian).

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