555 Incredibly Unusual Boy Names: for Kickass Kids (2024)

It’s time to think outside the box regarding unusual boy names. Take inspiration from Greek, Hebrew, Old English, German, and Latin. Unique boy names come from every corner of the globe, with many beautiful and enchanting meanings.

So, ditch the dull and embrace the unique as we run through unique baby boy names to bring you the definitive list.

555 Amazingly Rare Boy Names

If being different is your thing, check out this list of unique names for boys for inspiration.

  1. Aaron – some unusual boy names are Hebrew, like Aaron, meaning “mountain of strength.”
  2. Abe – a short form of Abraham, meaning “father of a multitude” in Hebrew.
  3. Abnor – continuing the Hebrew theme, this unique name means “father of light.”
  4. Abraham – sometimes spelled Abram, this Hebrew name means “father of a multitude.”
  5. Adan – derived from the Hebrew word “adamah,” meaning “fire” or “earth.”
  6. Aldon – of German, French, Italian, and Old English origin, meaning “old one” and “elder.”
  7. Alexei – this Russian version of the Greek Alexandros, means “man’s defender” or “warrior.”
  8. Alessandro – an Italian version of the Greek Alexandros, meaning “defender of the people.”
  9. Amadeo – of Spanish, Italian, and Latin origin, meaning “lover of God.”
  10. Ambrose – derived from the Greek word “ambrosia,” meaning “immortal.”
  11. Anders – the first Scandinavian boy’s name on the list – means “manly and brave.”
  12. Anderson – a mixture of Greek and Scandinavian, meaning “son of Anders or Andrew.”
  13. Archie – the Scottish short form of Archibald, meaning “genuinely bold and brave.”
  14. Arlo – derived from the Old English words “ho*r” and “hlaew,” meaning “fortified hill.”
  15. Armand – the perfect French name for your brave little “soldier.”
  16. Ash – this trendy Hebrew name means “happy.”
  17. Ashby – of Old English origin, meaning “ash tree home.”
  18. Ashton – sticking with the ash tree theme, this Old English name means “ash tree town.”
  19. Aston – a gender-neutral Old English variant of Ashton, with the same meaning.
  20. Atlas – this mythical Greek name means “to carry.”
  21. Atwood – of Old English roots, meaning “at the wood.”
  22. Azriel – this Hebrew name also appears in Muslim cultures and means “God is my help.”
  23. Bailey – a cool unisex British name meaning “berry clearing, bailiff, and city fortification.”
  24. Banks – a simple nature-inspired Old English name meaning “edge of the river.”
  25. Bendor – this unusual name derives from the Grosvenor family shield describing “a bend” or “son of Doran.”
  26. Bentley – of Old English origin, describing a “meadow with coarse grass.”
  27. Boaz – an interesting Hebrew name meaning “strength.”
  28. Bradford – this topographical Old English name describes a “broad or wide river crossing.”
  29. Brandon – the first Celtic name on the list – Brandon means “prince” or “chieftain.”
  30. Braydon – an Old English habitational name meaning “from Bradden” and “dweller near a broad valley.”
  31. Brennan – this awesome Irish name derives from Braonán, meaning “teardrop, sorrow, and raven.”
  32. Brent – an Old English habitational name meaning “high place” and “from a steep hill.”
  33. Caleb – derived from the Hebrew “kal” and “lev,” meaning “faithful, brave” and “devoted to God.”
  34. Callum – this Scottish name derives from the Latin Columba, meaning “dove.”
  35. Camden – is a popular London borough; Camden means “winding valley.”
  36. Cary – the first Welsh name on the list means “pure and dark” and “pleasant stream.”
  37. Caspian – this famous literary name describes a character in the Narnia chronicles and means “white.”
  38. Cedar – a cute gender-neutral name of Latin origin, meaning “cedar tree.”
  39. Chad – a strong Old English name derived from Ceadda, meaning “protector and defender.”
  40. Chadwick – an original Old English child’s name meaning “from the warrior’s town.”
  41. Chester – this historical English town was a Roman hotspot and means “camp of soldiers.”
  42. Cillian – this unique boy’s name is of Irish origin and means “bright-headed.”
  43. Clay – is a modern-sounding Old English name meaning “clay worker” or “mortal.”
  44. Clayton – based on the Old English “claeg” and “tun,” meaning “clay settlement.”
  45. Clem – this short form of Clement has Latin and French roots, meaning “merciful.”
  46. Clement – is the long form of Clem, meaning “merciful” in French and Latin.
  47. Connor – derived from the Gaelic name Conchobhar, meaning “lover of hounds.”
  48. Constantine – taken from the Latin Constantinus, meaning “steadfast and constant.”
  49. Cree – a cute gender-neutral Native American name describing the “Cree nation.”
  50. Crespo – is of Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish origin, meaning “curly.”
  51. Cullen – with links to the Gaelic name Cuileannain, meaning “handsome.”
  52. Dalton – is of Old English origin, meaning “the settlement in the valley.”
  53. Dante – derived from the Italian Durante, meaning “steadfast, enduring, and everlasting.”
  54. Dario – a classic Italian name meaning “possessing goodness.”
  55. Declan – taken from the Irish/Gaelic name Deaglán, meaning “full of goodness.”
  56. Denver – possibly meaning “from Anvers” or “green valley, this French and English name is cute.
  57. Dillinger – a habitational Old English and German name meaning “from Dillingen” or “a hill slope.”
  58. Dirk – a diminutive of the Dutch name Diederick, meaning “the people’s ruler.”
  59. Drake – in Old English, Drake means “male duck” and “dragon” from the Old Norse “draki.”
  60. Drax – this 11th-century Old English name means “thinker.”
  61. Drew – possibly a short form of Andrew, meaning “strong and manly.”
  62. Elan – Native American names often have creative meanings, like Elan, meaning “oak tree and friendly.”
  63. Ellis – the gender-neutral meaning of this Hebrew name is “my God is Yahweh.”
  64. Elm – possibly an Old English habitational name referring to an “elm tree” or “red and brown.”
  65. Elmer – derived from the medieval Aylmer, this Old English name means “noble and famous.”
  66. Elon – this biblical Hebrew name means “oak tree.”
  67. Enzo – this masculine Italian name means “wealthy ruler” and “king or owner.”
  68. Eoghan – a Gaelic boy’s name describing “youth” and means “born of yew.”
  69. Everest – the Tibetan meaning of Everest is “goddess, mother of the world.”
  70. Everly – a gender-neutral Old English name meaning “boar” and “woodland clearing.”
  71. Falcon – possibly the perfect English occupational name for a falconer, meaning “bird of the hawk family.”
  72. Ferris – taken from the Latin “ferrum,” this Irish name means “iron.”
  73. Finley – of Irish and Scottish origin, meaning “fair-haired and courageous one.”
  74. Finn – a classic Irish boy’s name meaning “fair.”
  75. Fitz – of French and Norman origin, Fitz derives from the Latin “filius,” meaning “son of.”
  76. Fitzherbert – this French, German, and Old English name means “son of Herbert.”
  77. Fitzroy – with Old English and French roots, meaning “son of Roy” or “son of the king.”
  78. Fletcher – a cool occupational Old English and French name for “an arrow maker.”
  79. Foster – another occupational Old English name for a “woodsman.”
  80. Fox – this Middle English name describes a “cunning person” or someone with “red hair.”
  81. Francisco – a popular Spanish and Portuguese name meaning “free man.”
  82. Fraser – this Scottish name means “of the forest men” and “strawberry plant” after the French “fresere.”
  83. Friedrich – a classic German name with the classic meaning of “power” and “peaceful ruler.”
  84. Fritz – of German origin, meaning “peaceful ruler.”
  85. Gabe – derived from the Hebrew name Gavriel, meaning “hero of God” or “God is my strength.”
  86. Garrison – this Old English military term means “stronghold” and “protection.”
  87. Gaylord – an old-fashioned name of French origin, meaning “lively” and “high-spirited.”
  88. Getty – possibly derived from the Scottish place name Dalgety in Fife.
  89. Grady – an edgy gender-neutral Irish name meaning “noble and renowned.”
  90. Gray – originating from the Scottish/English borders, describing someone with “gray hair.”
  91. Grayson – following the English/Scottish “Gray” theme, meaning “son of a gray man.”
  92. Haddon – this nature-inspired Old English name means “hill of heather.”
  93. Hades – taken from the Greek term “aides,” meaning “unseen,” and the god of the underworld.
  94. Hagan – some rare boy names are Scandinavian – means “noble, youthful, and exalted one.”
  95. Hakeem – the perfect name for smart Arabic kids – means “wise and learned.”
  96. Hamilton – taken from the Old English “hamel dūn,” meaning “flat-topped hill.”
  97. Hamish – a Scottish variant of the Irish Seamus, meaning “supplanter” and “holder of the heel.”
  98. Hampton – this Old English name derives from “hámtūn,” meaning “home settlement.”
  99. Hans – a Scandinavian and German name meaning “God is gracious.”
  100. Hanson – you guessed it, this German and Scandinavian name means “son of Hans.”
  101. Hardwick – from the Old English word “heardewic,” meaning “herd farm.”
  102. Harford – a classic Old English name meaning “ford of the hares.”
  103. Harland – a habitational name of Old English origin, meaning “gray or hare land.”
  104. Hartley – an Anglo-Saxon name meaning “deer meadow or clearing.”
  105. Harvey – this Old English name originates from Breton and means “battle warrior.”
  106. Hasson – derived from the Hebrew Hason, meaning “strong and robust.”
  107. Hatcher – derived from the Old English word “haecce,” meaning “dweller at the gate.”
  108. Hawkins – this Irish and Scottish animal-inspired name means “Hawkin’s son” and “horseman.”
  109. Hayes – a cool unisex Old English name describing a “hedged area.”
  110. Heath – an OId English habitational name for “someone living on or by a moor or heath.”
  111. Heathcliffe – this one’s easy – means “cliff near a heath” in Old English.
  112. Hector – derived from the Greek Hektor, meaning “steadfast.”
  113. Heller – a German habitational name meaning “dweller on the hill” and “bright and brilliant.”
  114. Helmut – of Old German origin, meaning “protection, helmet” and “fighting spirit.”
  115. Henderson – this Celtic/Scottish name means “son of Henry or Hendrik.”
  116. Hendrix – this Germanic and Dutch name means “son of Henry or Hendrik.”
  117. Henley – of Old English origin, meaning “high meadow or clearing.”
  118. Henrique – a Portuguese and Brazillian version of the German Henry, meaning “home-ruler.”
  119. Herbert – of Old German origin, meaning “bright army” and “noble or sublime warrior.”
  120. Hermes – taken from Greek mythology, meaning “messenger.”
  121. Hernan – of Spanish, Irish, and German origin, meaning “gentle or spiritual traveler.”
  122. Herschel – with roots in Old German, Hebrew, and Yiddish, meaning “deer.”
  123. Hezekiah – a classic Hebrew name meaning “God strengthens.”
  124. Hilary – derived from the Latin “hilarius,” meaning “cheerful and merry.”
  125. Hitoshi – our first Japanese entry – Hitoshi means “compassionate.”
  126. Hoffman – a German occupational name for a “farmer, steward, or courtier.”
  127. Holden – a cool Old English name meaning “valley.”
  128. Horatio – derived from the Old Latin Horatius, meaning “timekeeper.”
  129. Howie – of English, Scandinavian, and German origin, meaning “noble watchman” and “high guardian.”
  130. Hudson – a fun Old English name meaning “son of Hudd.”
  131. Hugo – a Spanish, German, and Portuguese version of the Latin Hugh, meaning “mind and intellect.”
  132. Humberto – the Spanish and Portuguese version of Humbert, meaning “bright, famous, and renowned warrior.”
  133. Hume – of Scottish and Middle English origin, meaning “holly” and “islands in the river.”
  134. Humphrey – a reassuring German boy’s name meaning “peaceful warrior.”
  135. Hunter – an enchanting Old English occupational name meaning “one who hunts or pursues.”
  136. Hurst – of Old English origin, meaning “thicket of trees.”
  137. Hussein – this Arabic name derives from Hassan, meaning “small handsome one.”
  138. Hutton – an Old English habitational name meaning “settlement on the bluff.”
  139. Huxley – an unusual English name meaning “Hugh’s meadow.”
  140. Idi – the first Swahili entry is an infamous name meaning “born during the Idd festival.”
  141. Idris – some of the best unusual boy names are Arabic – Idris means “smart and intelligent.”
  142. Indiana – this cool Native American name means “land of the Indians.”
  143. Ira – a short and sweet Hebrew name describing a “watchful” person.
  144. Irvin – of Scottish and Irish roots, meaning “green or fresh water.”
  145. Irving – similar to Irvin, this Scottish name means “green or fresh water.”
  146. Irwin – this Old English name means “boar friend.”
  147. Ivan – of Slavic, Russian, and Hebrew origin, meaning “God is gracious.”
  148. Jackson – because Jack is a variation of John, this Hebrew name means “son of John.”
  149. Jade – a cool gender-neutral name meaning “precious stone” in English.
  150. Jared – of Hebrew origin – means “he descends” or “descending.”
  151. Jasper – this interesting Persian name means “treasurer.”
  152. Javier – is a Spanish variation of Xavier, meaning “new house.”
  153. Jayden – this modern-sounding name is Hebrew and means “God will judge.”
  154. Jaylen – this mixture of Greek and Hebrew is primarily an American name meaning “tranquil” and “healer.”
  155. Jedediah – this vintage Hebrew name means “beloved of the Lord.”
  156. Jensen – a Danish version of the English John, Jenson means “son of Jen (John).”
  157. Jerricho – a legendary place name of Arabic, Hebrew, and Greek origin, meaning “city of the moon.”
  158. Jessie – a trendy unisex name of Hebrew origin, meaning “he sees” and “the Lord exists.”
  159. Joel – in Hebrew, Joel is spelled Yoel and means “Yahu is God.”
  160. Jonah – derived from the Hebrew Yonah, meaning “dove.”
  161. Jonas – a variant of Jonah, meaning “dove” and “gift of God” in Hebrew.
  162. Jordan – a biblical Hebrew name meaning “to flow down” or “descend.”
  163. Jorge – derived from the Greek name Georgios, meaning “farmer” or “earth-worker.”
  164. Joshua – derives from the Hebrew Yehoshua, meaning “God is deliverance” or “the Lord is my salvation.”
  165. Josiah – similar to Joshua, this Hebrew name means “God helps.”
  166. Juan – the Spanish version of the Hebrew John, meaning “God is gracious.”
  167. Jude – this Greek name means “praised.”
  168. Judge – from the Middle English and Old French “juge,” meaning “officer of justice” or “authoritative person.”
  169. Julian – a classic Greek boy’s name meaning “youthful” and “Jove’s child.”
  170. Kai – means “sea” in Hawaiian, “shell” in Japanese, and “warrior” in Europe.
  171. Kalel – is possibly Hebrew, meaning “voice of God,” or from the Arabic Khaleel, meaning “close companion.”
  172. Kalen – derived from the Gaelic Caelan, meaning “slender and fair.”
  173. Kamden – an American respelling of the Old English Camden, meaning “winding valley.”
  174. Kane – of Hawaiian, Japanese, and Welsh origin, meaning “man of the eastern sky” and “golden/beautiful.”
  175. Kashmir – this popular Sanskrit name means “land desiccated from water.”
  176. Kasper – the first Polish name on the list, meaning “bringer of treasure.”
  177. Kassidy – of Gaelic origin, describing a “curly-headed” person.
  178. Kato – this Japanese-sounding name possibly derives from the Latin Catus, meaning “second of twins.”
  179. Kazimir – this Slavic/Czech name means “destroyer of peace.”
  180. Keaton – this Old English place name means “place of hawks.”
  181. Keegan – a perfect Gaelic name for “small and fiery” children.
  182. Kelsey – this nautical Old English name means “ship’s victory.”
  183. Kendall – derived from the Old English words “Cyne” and “dael,” meaning “valley of the kings.”
  184. Kendrick – from the Old English name Cyneric, meaning “bold ruler.”
  185. Kenner – derived from the German/Jewish word “kennen,” meaning “know,” and the perfect name for an “expert.”
  186. Kent – the county in England – Kent means “edge.”
  187. Kenya – this African gender-neutral name means “mountain of white” and “animal horn.”
  188. Kenzo – a striking Japanese name meaning “healthy and wise.”
  189. Killian – a variant of the Gaelic/Irish Cillian, meaning “bright-headed.”
  190. Kingston – a classic English habitational name meaning “king’s town or settlement.”
  191. Kinsey – derived from the Old English Cynesige, meaning “king’s victory.”
  192. Knox – originating from Scottish/Gaelic, meaning “a round-topped hill.”
  193. Kobi – derived from the Hebrew Jacob, meaning “supplanter.”
  194. Kohen – this typical Hebrew name means “priest.”
  195. Koi – means “urge or implore” in Hawaiian, “carp” in Japanese, and “panther” in Native American.
  196. Konnor – derived from the Gaelic/Irish name Conchobhar meaning “descendant of hounds” and “desire.”
  197. Korbin – of Latin and French origin, derived from Corbeau, meaning “raven.”
  198. Kyle – this Gaelic word derives from “caol,” meaning “narrow and strait.”
  199. Kyrie – a modern-sounding name of Greek origin, meaning “lord.”
  200. Lachlan – with Scottish and Irish roots, meaning “from the land of the lakes or lochs.”
  201. Lake – derived from the Anglo-Saxon word “lacu,” meaning “body of water.”
  202. Lamar – surprisingly, this Latin/Spanish-sounding name is German and means “the water” and “land famous.”
  203. Lando – in Old English, Lando means “long hill” and “famous throughout the land” in Spanish/Portuguese.
  204. Landon – a similar Old English name to Lando, meaning “long hill.”
  205. Larson – of Scandinavian and Roman origin, meaning “Son of Lars” and “crowned with laurels.”
  206. Lauren – derived from the French masculine Laurence, meaning “laurel tree” and “from Laurentium.”
  207. Laurent – the female version of the French Laurence shares the same roots and meaning.
  208. Laurie – this Latin-inspired name represents a “laurel tree” and means “symbol of victory.”
  209. Lazarus – derived from the Hebrew Eleazar, meaning “God has helped.”
  210. Lazlo – a shorter version of the Slavic Ladisalav, meaning “glorious ruler.”
  211. Leander – a Greek mythological name meaning “lion man.”
  212. Ledger – this Old English name derives from the German Leodegar, meaning “spear tribe.”
  213. Leif – a Scandinavian name derived from the Old Norse “leifr,” meaning “descent” and “heir.”
  214. Lennon – this famous Irish name is traditionally a surname and means “lover.”
  215. Lennox – is of Scottish and Gaelic origin, meaning “with many elm trees” and “elm grove.”
  216. Leonardo – derived from the German Leonhard, this cool name means “brave as a lion.”
  217. Leopold – this classic Old German name means “brave people.”
  218. Leroy – with strong French influences, Leroy means “the king.”
  219. Lesley – an ancient gender-neutral Scottish name meaning “garden of holly.”
  220. Lester – is of Latin and Old English origin, derived from Lister, meaning “son of the arrow maker.”
  221. Lev – a short and sweet Hebrew and Russian name meaning “heart” and “lion.”
  222. Levi – this biblical Hebrew name means “joined in harmony.”
  223. Lex – a short form of the Greek Alexander, meaning “defender of men.”
  224. Liam – a stereotypical Irish name meaning “helmet of will” and “protection.”
  225. Lincoln – this famous American name means “dwellers by the lake or pool.”
  226. Lindburg – is composed of the Scandinavian “lind,” meaning “lime tree,” and “burg,” meaning “mountain or hill.”
  227. Lindley – a traditional Old English name meaning “linden tree meadow or clearing.”
  228. Linford – similar to Lindley, Lindford means “linden tree ford” in Old English.
  229. Linus – a cool Greek name meaning “flax” or “flax-colored.”
  230. Lister – an English occupational name for someone who “dyes cloth.”
  231. Lochlan – this Viking-inspired name is of Irish roots and means “land of the lakes.”
  232. Logan – a traditional Scottish boy’s name meaning “little hollow.”
  233. Loki – the Norse god of mischief, Loki means “airy.”
  234. Lorenzo – means “noble” in Spanish, “wise and strong” in Italian, and “man of laurel” in Latin.
  235. Loxley – a unique Old English name meaning “glade by the lake.”
  236. Lucien – this elegant French name means “light.”
  237. Ludo – our first Flemish entry meaning “famous war” or “battle.”
  238. Ludvig – is of Dutch, French, and German origin, meaning “famous war or warrior.”
  239. Luka – means “bringer of light” in Latin and “from Lucania” in Greek.
  240. Lupin – derived from the Latin “lupinus,” meaning “pertaining to the wolf.”
  241. Luther – this Germanic name means “soldier of the people.”
  242. Lynx – some gender-neutral names are unusual, like Lynx, meaning “wild cat” in Latin.
  243. Mack – is a modern respelling of the Gaelic “Mac,” meaning ”son of.”
  244. Mackenzie – this Scottish name with Gaelic roots means “attractive” and “pleasant to look at.”
  245. Madden – derived from the Irish word “madra,” meaning “little dog.”
  246. Magnus – this Latin boy’s name is popular in Scandinavia and means “greatest.”
  247. Malachi – a biblical Hebrew name meaning “messenger of God.”
  248. Mario – many unique baby boy names are Italian, like Mario, meaning “manly” and “Mars.”
  249. Marley – possibly derived from the Old English “myrig,” meaning “pleasant” or “pleasant wood or marsh.”
  250. Marlon – this Old English and French name is popular in the USA and means “little war-like one.”
  251. Mateo – is the Spanish form of the Hebrew Matthew, meaning “gift of God.”
  252. Matius – this Roman family name derives from the Hebrew Matthew and means “gift of God.”
  253. Mauricio – of Roman and Latin origin, derived from Maurus, meaning “dark-skinned” or “moor.”
  254. Maverick – a classic American name for a “man who avoids conformity.”
  255. Merrick – this Welsh name varies across English, German, and Scottish culture and means “power and rule.”
  256. Mckenna – of Scottish and Irish roots, meaning “son of Kenneth.”
  257. Micah – consisting of the Hebrew “mi” (who) and “cha” (like) – Micah means “who is like God.”
  258. Michel – of Hebrew, French, and German origin, meaning “who resembles God.”
  259. Miguel – the Spanish and Portuguese version of the Hebrew Michael, meaning “who is like God?”
  260. Mitch – derived from the Hebrew Miyka’el, meaning “who resembles God.”
  261. Mohamed – Arabic provides a rich source of boy names – Mohamed means “praiseworthy and commendable.”
  262. Monroe – of Scottish origin, this famous clan name means “from the hill.”
  263. Moses – this popular Hebrew name possibly means “to pull out or draw out of water.”
  264. Murphy – this Gaelic boy’s name means “sea warrior.”
  265. Naeem – a blessed Arabic name for your child, meaning “happiness, comfort, and ease.”
  266. Nasar – is a classic Arabic name meaning “help or support.”
  267. Nate – a diminutive of the Hebrew Nathaniel, meaning “gift of God” or “God has given.”
  268. Nathaniel – the long form of Nate, with the same meaning and origin.
  269. Ned – some unique boy names are short and sweet – Ned means “wealthy guardian” in Old English.
  270. Neftali – from the Book of Genesis, this Hebrew respelling of Naphtali means “struggling.”
  271. Nelson – of Old English origin, meaning “son of Nell” and “champion.”
  272. Nesbit – an Old English name meaning “bend of land or river shaped like a nose.”
  273. Nestor – is derived from Greek mythology; Nestor means “traveler.”
  274. Neumann – a Germanic version of the English name Newman, meaning “newcomer” or “new man.”
  275. Neville – this habitational French name means “new town.”
  276. Nevin – an unusual Irish name meaning “little saint” or “little bone.”
  277. Newland – this English name probably needs little explanation, meaning “new land.”
  278. Newton – is of Old English origin, meaning “new town” or “from the new town.”
  279. Niall – from the Old Irish word “niadh,” meaning “champion.”
  280. Nichol – derived from the Greek name Nicholas, meaning “people of victory.”
  281. Nikko – a masculine name derived from the Greek Nicholas, meaning “people of victory.”
  282. Nikolai – a Slavic version of the Greek Nicholas, meaning “people of victory.”
  283. Nino – is of Italian origin; this cute child’s name means “little” and “boy.”
  284. Niven – of Latin origin, meaning “sacred, little bone, and servant of the saint’s disciple.”
  285. Nixon – a badass Scottish, Irish, and English name meaning “son of Nicholas.”
  286. Noah – Hebrew names are rich in biblical meaning – Noah means “rest.”
  287. Noble – this regal name of Latin origin means “aristocrat.”
  288. Nobuyuki – a classic Japanese name meaning “trust, stretch, extend” and “faithful duty.”
  289. Noel – derives from the medieval French Noelle and is perfect for children “born at Christmas.”
  290. Norbert – from the Old German “Nord” and “beraht,” meaning “Northern brightness.”
  291. North – describing someone from the North, this name derives from the Germanic “Nord,” meaning “left/below.”
  292. Nova – derived from the Latin “novus,” meaning “new.”
  293. Nuri – this heartwarming Arabic name means “light” and “my fire.”
  294. Nyles – from the English/Irish name Niall, meaning “champion.”
  295. Nyx – this mystical Greek name is cute and means “night.”
  296. Oak – of Old English origin, describing a “meadow of oak trees,” representing “strength and longevity.”
  297. Oakley – a gender-neutral baby name describing a “meadow of oak trees.”
  298. Obadiah – some names are typically Hebrew, like Obadiah, meaning “servant of God.”
  299. Oberon – a famous literary character – Oberon means “noble and bear-like.”
  300. Obi – the first Igbo name on the list, meaning “heart” in Nigerian.
  301. Octavius – this Roman clan name is perfect for the child “born eighth” in the family.
  302. Odell – derived from the Old English “woed hill,” a floral source of medicine and dye.
  303. Odin – the father of all Norse gods, meaning “lord of frenzy.”
  304. Odysseus – another Greek literary name – Odysseus means “to hate, be angry at,” and “to be grieved.”
  305. Offa – this Anglo-Saxon king gets his name from the Germanic “ulfr,” meaning “wolf.”
  306. Ofir – a short and sweet Hebrew name that means “gold” or “place of worth.”
  307. Ogden – a quirky Old English name meaning “oak valley.”
  308. Olan – an unusual Scandinavian male name meaning “ancestor’s heir.”
  309. Ollie – is a shortened version of Oliver, meaning “the olive tree” in Latin.
  310. Olivier – this extended Latin version of Ollie means “the olive tree.”
  311. Olof – a Swedish version of Olaf/Olav, meaning “ancestor’s heir.”
  312. Olson – a cool patronymic Scandinavian name meaning “son of Olaf or Ole.”
  313. Omar – a common Arabic name meaning “flourishing and long-lived.”
  314. Omega – this gender-neutral name means “the end” and is the last letter in the Greek alphabet.
  315. Onslow – this unusual Arabic name means “hill of the passionate one.”
  316. Onyx – a unisex name of Greek origin, meaning “claw or nail.”
  317. Orlando – the Spanish form of the German Hrod (Roland), meaning “famous land.”
  318. Orpheus – this beautiful Greek mythological name means “the darkness of the night.”
  319. Orson – a unique Latin and French name meaning “bear cub.”
  320. Orville – with French and English roots, meaning “golden town or city.”
  321. Osborne – one of a few Old Norse names on the list – means “divine bear.”
  322. Osgood – derived from the Old English names Osgot and Osgod, meaning “Goth god” and “divine creator.”
  323. O’Shea – this Irish variant of the Hebrew Joshua means “to save.”
  324. Osman – one of a few Turkish names on the list – means “wise and most powerful.”
  325. Osmund – this German name derives from the Latin “os,” meaning “God,” and “mund,” meaning “protection.”
  326. Oswald – meaning “divine power,” this Old English word derives from “os” and “weald.”
  327. Otis – this Old English word is of German origin and means “wealth.”
  328. Otto – a classic historical Germanic name meaning “wealth.”
  329. Owen – derived from the ancient Welsh name Owain, meaning “noble-born” and “young warrior.”
  330. Owynn – from Welsh to Scottish, this name has biblical roots and means “God is gracious.”
  331. Oxford – derived from the Old English term “oxanforda,” meaning “ford where oxen cross the river.”
  332. Ozzy – with roots in ancient Norse, Ozzy means “bear god” and “divine.”
  333. Pablo – this humble version of Paul is Spanish and Mexican, meaning “little.”
  334. Padric – derived from the Gaelic Patrick, meaning “patrician” or “nobleman.”
  335. Paige – this occupational French name describes a “young servant.”
  336. Palmer – another Old English name linked to religion, meaning “pilgrim” or “one who holds palm.”
  337. Pancho – a classic Spanish boy’s name meaning “free.”
  338. Parker – a gender-neutral occupational name meaning “park keeper” in Old English.
  339. Pascal – a cool French name meaning “Easter child.”
  340. Paulo – is the Brazilian/Spanish version of the Latin Paulus, meaning “humble and small.”
  341. Paxton – derived from the Old English “pæcc” and “tun,” meaning “peaceful town.”
  342. Pedro – a cool Spanish name derived from the Greek Petros (Peter), meaning “stone” or “rock.”
  343. Penn – a simple English name meaning “enclosure” and “hill.”
  344. Percy – a common French name meaning “one who pierces the valley.”
  345. Peregrine – this lovely boy’s name of Latin origin means “traveler and wanderer.”
  346. Perrin – an alternate French form of the Hebrew/Greek Peter, meaning “rock.”
  347. Perry – possibly British or Roman, meaning “pilgrim, traveler” and “one who dwells near a pear tree.”
  348. Perseus – a classic Greek mythical name meaning “destroyer” and “avenger.”
  349. Philbert – from the Latin Filibertus, this German name means “very bright, dear, and beloved.”
  350. Phileas – is derived from ancient Greek, meaning “friend” or “lover.”
  351. Phineas – a biblical Hebrew name meaning “serpent’s mouth” and “oracle.”
  352. Pope – is derived from the Latin Papa, meaning “father.”
  353. Porter – from the French Portier, this English name means “gate or doorkeeper.”
  354. Pradeep – this boy’s name of Hindi origin means “light, shine, and lantern.”
  355. Prescott – derived from the Old English “preost” and “cot,” it translates as “priest’s cottage.”
  356. Presley – similar to Prescott, Presley means “priest’s meadow or clearing.”
  357. Preston – this posh and quirky Old English name means “priest’s town or settlement.”
  358. Price – derived from the Welsh name Rhys, meaning “son of Rhys.”
  359. Proctor – taken from the Latin word “procurare,” meaning “to manage” – Proctor means “steward/official.”
  360. Prospero – is from the Latin “prosperus,” meaning “fortunate and prosperous.”
  361. Pruitt – a respelling of the Old French Prewitt, meaning “brave little one.”
  362. Pryor – derived from the Latin word “prior,” meaning “superior,” this name means “monastic leader.”
  363. Quade – an edgy and modern-sounding name meaning “son of Uaid” in Latin.
  364. Quentin – this strong English name derives from the Roman/Latin “quintus,” meaning “the fifth.”
  365. Quiller – this occupational Old English name means “scribe.”
  366. Quincey – a derivative of the English Quentin, taken from the Latin “quintus,” meaning “the fifth.”
  367. Quinn – a cool gender-neutral Irish name meaning “wise” and “sense and reason.”
  368. Quinsey – this French name comes from the Latin “quintus” and means “estate of the fifth son.”
  369. Quintain – from the Old English name Quinton, meaning “Queen’s settlement.”
  370. Quinto – sticking with the “fifth” theme, Quinto means “fifth born in the fifth month.”
  371. Quintus – of Latin and Roman origin, meaning “fifth.”
  372. Rafael – a Spanish and Portuguese respelling of the Hebrew Raphael, meaning “God has healed.”
  373. Ragnar – many unique names for boys derive from Old Norse, like Ragnar, meaning “warrior” and “judgment.”
  374. Raleigh – is a gender-neutral English name meaning “deer’s meadow.”
  375. Ramirez – a popular and edgy Spanish name meaning “renowned counselor.”
  376. Randall – derived from the Norman name Randwulf, meaning “wolf shield.”
  377. Raven – taken from the Old English word “hraefn,” meaning “dark-haired” and “wise.”
  378. Reagan – a gender-neutral Irish name meaning “little ruler” and “regal or royal.”
  379. Rebel – another gender-neutral English name meaning “defiant person.”
  380. Reggie – a shortened version of Reginald, this Germanic/Latin name means “king or ruler.”
  381. Remi – possibly an occupational French name meaning “oarsman” and “remedy and cure.”
  382. Remington – this Old English name translates as “from the raven’s home” or “red meadow.”
  383. Rex – derived from Latin Rex, meaning “king.”
  384. Rhett – with links to Latin and Dutch, Rhett means “to speak or advise.”
  385. Rhodes – from the Old English Rhoades, meaning “clearing where roses grow.”
  386. Ricardo – a classic Mexican, Spanish, and Portuguese name for a “powerful leader.”
  387. Riley – the English meaning comes from “ryge” and “leah,” meaning “wood clearing.”
  388. Ripley – a unisex name of English origin, meaning “strip or clearing in the wood.”
  389. Rocco – this Italian name derives from the OId German “hrok,” meaning “rest and repose.”
  390. Romeo – this famous Italian literary name means “pilgrim of Rome” or “Roman.”
  391. Ronan – this Irish first and last name means “seal, a pledge” and “promising oath.”
  392. Rowan – a gender-neutral name of Irish and Scottish origin, meaning “little red-head.”
  393. Ruben – derived from the Hebrew Reuben, this Spanish version means “behold, a son.”
  394. Rylee – this Old English name means “courageous island meadow.”
  395. Sage – with roots in Latin, Sage means “wise and healthy.”
  396. Salvador – this cute Mexican boy’s name means “savior.”
  397. Samson – derived from the Hebrew word “shemesh,” meaning “sun” or “sun child.”
  398. Sasha – is a Russian boy’s name derived from the Greek Alexandros, meaning “defender or helper of mankind.”
  399. Saul – the first king of Israel, Saul is a Hebrew name meaning “prayed for.”
  400. Sawyer – a gender-neutral occupational Old English name meaning “woodcutter.”
  401. Saxton – one of the oldest names on the list, translates as “Saxon town or settlement.”
  402. Scott – this charming Scottish name means “Scotsman” and “from Scotland.”
  403. Scout – an unusual Old French boy’s name meaning “to listen.”
  404. Seamus – an alternate Irish spelling of the Hebrew James, meaning “supplanter.”
  405. Sebastian – this classy Greek name means “venerable.”
  406. Sergio – the Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian version of the Roman Sergius, meaning “servant or guardian.”
  407. Shelby – a cool unisex name of Old Norse origin, meaning “willow” or “from the ledge estate.”
  408. Shepherd – an Old English occupational name for a “sheep herder.”
  409. Severus – this Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese name stems from Latin and means “grave, serious, and stern.”
  410. Shinichi – a kickass Japanese name meaning “truth first.”
  411. Siegfried – of Old High German origin, meaning “victory and peace.”
  412. Silas – derived from the Latin Silvanus, meaning “wood or forest.”
  413. Sirius – a Greek astrological name for a star, meaning “glowing, burning, and dog star.”
  414. Slade – from the Old English slæd, meaning “valley.”
  415. Slater – an Old English occupational name for a “hewer (cutter) of slates.”
  416. Solomon – derived from the Hebrew word “shalom,” meaning “peace.”
  417. Spencer – a British occupational name describing a “steward or administrator.”
  418. Sullivan – of Gaelic origin, meaning “dark eyes.”
  419. Sutton – this Old English habitational name refers to a “Southern settlement or homestead.”
  420. Stefan – this Polish, German, and Russian version of Stephen means “crown.”
  421. Stefanov – the first Bulgarian entry on the list, meaning “descendant of Stefan.”
  422. Sterling – this British name means “genuine and pure.”
  423. Sylvan – from the Roman god of forests, Silvanus, this Latin name means “of the forest.”
  424. Takao – this cute Japanese boy’s name means “noble and prosperous.”
  425. Takoda – this Japanese-sounding name is Native American and means “friend to everyone.”
  426. Tanner – an Old English occupational name for a “leather worker.”
  427. Tarquin – this Latin name pre-dates republican Rome and means “ruler.”
  428. Tate – a perfect Old English name for “cheerful” kids.
  429. Tatum – a modern-sounding Old English name meaning “Tata’s homestead.”
  430. Teagan – this Irish/Gaelic name means “descendant of Tadhgán.”
  431. Tennessee – this Cherokee Native American name means “place where water meets” and “gathering place.”
  432. Theobald – of Old German origin, meaning “brave people.”
  433. Thiago – a derivative of the Brazilian Santiago, meaning “supplanter.”
  434. Thierry – this classic French name means “ruler of the people” and “power is mighty.”
  435. Thorvald – an Old Norse name meaning “Thor’s ruler.”
  436. Tiago – a short form of Santiago, and means “supplanter” in Portuguese.
  437. Tiberius – this ancient Italian/Latin name means “near or from the River Tiber.”
  438. Titan – a name derived from Greek mythology, meaning “defender.”
  439. Titus – a popular Roman boy’s name meaning “title of honor.”
  440. Tobias – of Greek and Hebrew origin, meaning “God is good.”
  441. Torin – this unusual boy’s name of Irish origin means “chief.”
  442. Trace – a gender-neutral Irish and English name meaning “brave.”
  443. Tremaine – this Celtic/Old Cornish name means “town built with stone” or “stone settlement.”
  444. Trent – generally associated with the River Trent, this Old English name means “the flooder.”
  445. Trenton – this Old English long form of Trent means “Trent’s town,” possibly located near the River Trent.
  446. Tristan – derived from the French word “triste,” this Celtic name means “sad” or “melancholy.”
  447. Udall – this unusual boy’s name of Old English origin means “yew-tree valley.”
  448. Ulberto – this classic German name means “bright or shining intellect.”
  449. Ulbricht – an Old German name meaning “noble, bright, and famous.”
  450. Ulrick – a rare Old German boy’s name meaning “noble or regal ruler.”
  451. Ulysses – this Greek mythological and American presidential name means “wrathful and hater.”
  452. Umar – a variant spelling of the Arabic Omar, meaning “prospering and thriving.”
  453. Umbro – an uncommon French boy’s name meaning “shade.”
  454. Unwin – this Old English name means “unfriend” and “enemy.”
  455. Uriah – a masculine Hebrew name meaning “my light is Yahweh” and ”flame of God.”
  456. Usama – this Mulsim baby name means “king of the jungle” and “lion.”
  457. Usher – an Old English masculine name meaning “blessed” and “doorkeeper.”
  458. Ushi – the first Chinese entry on the list, meaning “strong as an ox.”
  459. Usman – an Urdu variant of the Arabic Uthman, meaning “the chosen one.”
  460. Uther – this Welsh mythological name means “cruel and terrible.”
  461. Uthman – this unique Arabic name means “wise, powerful, and dragon cub.”
  462. Valentino – this sophisticated Italian name means “strength and healthy.”
  463. Vance – derived from the Old English “fenn,” meaning “marshland.”
  464. Vandyke – the most Dutch-sounding of names – means “of the dike.”
  465. Vasco – this boy’s name is of Spanish origin and means “from the Basque region.”
  466. Vasilios – a classic Greek boy’s name meaning “royal or kingly.”
  467. Vasos – similar to Vasilios, with the same meaning and origin.
  468. Vassily – this popular Russian name means “royal.”
  469. Vaughn – a short and sweet Welsh name meaning “little.”
  470. Vermeer – an alternate spelling of the Dutch Van der Meer, meaning “from the sea or lake.”
  471. Vernan – an alternative spelling of the Gaelic Vernon, meaning “place of alders.”
  472. Verner – related to the Old German name Werner, meaning “protector” or “army defender.”
  473. Victor – one of the earliest recorded Christian names, meaning “winner/conqueror” in Latin.
  474. Vidal – a nickname derived from the Latin Vitalis, meaning “life and vitality.”
  475. Viggo – a cool Scandinavian name meaning “battle” and “war-like.”
  476. Villem – this German variation of Willahelm means “helmet or protector.”
  477. Vim – derived from the Gaelic word “beathan,” meaning “life.”
  478. Virgil – with roots in Latin, Virgil means “flourishing.”
  479. Vittorio – this Italian version of Victor means “victor and conqueror.”
  480. Vivian – derived from the Latin Vivianus, meaning “lively and alive.”
  481. Vlad – of Romanian, Russian, and Slavic origin, meaning “glorious rule.”
  482. Vladimir – of Slavic origin, Vladimir means “peaceful ruler” and “ruler of the world.”
  483. Vladislav – sticking with the Slavic theme, this Polish name means “fame” and “possessor of glory.”
  484. Voltaire – a famous philosopher, meaning “determined” in Old French.
  485. Wade – of English and Scandinavian origin, meaning “to go” and “ford.”
  486. Wainwright – this occupational Old English name means “maker of carts and wagons.”
  487. Wallis – this simple Welsh name means “from Wales.”
  488. Walt – of German origin, this short form of Walter means “commander of the army.”
  489. Walter – is the long form of Walt with the same meaning and origin.
  490. Walton – this famous American fictional family name means “walled town” in Old English.
  491. Warner – this French, German, and Norse name derives from Werner, meaning “army guard.”
  492. Warrick – an unusual boy’s name of German origin, meaning “leader who defends.”
  493. Watson – this English and Scottish name means “son of Walter.”
  494. Waylon – an American-sounding name of Old English/Norse origin, meaning “land by the road.”
  495. Webster – of Old English origin, this occupational name means “weaver.”
  496. Wendell – derived from the German word “wenden,” meaning “traveler or wanderer.”
  497. Wentworth – a posh Old English name meaning “pale man’s settlement.”
  498. Werner – a classic German male name meaning “the defending warrior.”
  499. Wesley – a popular boy’s name of English origin, meaning “Western meadow.”
  500. Weston – this Old English name translates as “from the Western town.”
  501. Whitman – the meaning of Whitman is “white man” in Old English.
  502. Wilbur – is of German origin; Wilbur means “resolute and brilliant.”
  503. Wilder – a mixture of Old English and German, meaning “untamed.”
  504. Wiley – a classic Scottish boy’s name meaning “resolute protection.”
  505. Wilfred – an old-fashioned English name meaning “desiring peace.”
  506. Wilhelm – an alternate German version of William, meaning “protection, will, and helmet.”
  507. Wilkie – a mixture of the Old English Wilkes and William, meaning “will and helmet.”
  508. Willard – an uncommon Old English name meaning “strong desire.”
  509. Wilmot – related to the German name William, meaning “will and helmet.”
  510. Windsor – according to some sources, Windsor is an Old English word meaning “riverbank with a winch.”
  511. Winfield – is an Old English name meaning “pasture meadow” and “open countryside.”
  512. Wingate – this Old English name translates as “windy gap or pass.”
  513. Winslow – a gender-neutral British name meaning “friend’s hill.”
  514. Winston – with multiple meanings, Winston translates as “friendly town, joyous, and joyful stone.”
  515. Winthrop – has Old English roots, meaning “friend’s village.”
  516. Wolfgang – this striking German name means “traveling wolf.”
  517. Woodrow – this presidential name of Old English origin means “row of houses by the wood.”
  518. Woody – is an American name meaning “from the lane in the woods.”
  519. Xander – a shortened version of the Greek Alexander, meaning “defender of humankind.”
  520. Xanthus – is a boy’s name of Greek origin, meaning “golden-haired.”
  521. Xavi – uncommon boy names beginning with X are typically Spanish – Xavi means “new house.”
  522. Xavier – this Spanish boy’s name means “new house.”
  523. Yakob – a different spelling of the Hebrew name Jacob, meaning “he who supplants.”
  524. Yakov – an alternative Russian spelling of the Hebrew Jacob, meaning “he who supplants.”
  525. Yannakis – related to the Greek/Hebrew boy’s name Yannis, meaning “God is gracious.”
  526. Yannick – a cool unisex Hebrew name meaning “God is gracious.”
  527. Yannis – sticking with the Greek and Hebrew name theme, Yannis means “God is gracious.”
  528. Yardley – an Old English name meaning “fenced or enclosed meadow.”
  529. Yarley – an alternate spelling of Yardley with the same meaning and origin.
  530. Yates – originating from the Old English word “geats,” meaning “gate” – Yates means “gatekeeper.”
  531. Yeats – an alternate spelling of Yates with the same meaning and origin.
  532. Yeoman – derived from the Middle English “yonge man,” meaning “attendant.”
  533. Yevgeny – this Russian and Greek boy’s name means “noble” and well-born.”
  534. Ygor – is of Old Greek, Norse, and Russian origin, meaning “farmer, bow army, and yew.”
  535. Yishmael – is a variant of the Hebrew Ismael, meaning “God will hear.”
  536. Yorke – this classic Old English name means “boar or yew settlement.”
  537. Yorrick – a masculine Scandinavian name meaning “farmer” or “earth-worker.”
  538. Yosef – possibly of Arabic and Hebrew origin, meaning “Jehovah increases” and “fame and praise.”
  539. Yoshiro – this cool Japanese boy’s name means “happy individual.”
  540. Young – is an Old English name describing a “younger” person – also meaning “son of.”
  541. Yousef – the Arabic version of the Hebrew Yusef, meaning “God increases.”
  542. Yuri – this Hebrew variant of Uri means “the light of God.”
  543. Yutaka – a pretty boy’s name of Japanese origin, meaning “abundance.”
  544. Yves – this boy’s name drips with French charm and means “yew.”
  545. Zach – this modern-sounding name is of Hebrew origin and means “laughter” and “the Lord has recalled.”
  546. Zachary – a long-form version of Zack with the same meaning and origin.
  547. Zahid – this Arabic name is perfect for “self-disciplined and pious” kids.
  548. Zaid – popular in Muslim communities; Zaid means “master” in Arabic.
  549. Zander – a variant of Xander; this short form of the Greek Alexander means “defender of the people.”
  550. Zane – an edgy Hebrew name meaning “gracious/merciful” and “gift from God.”
  551. Zavier – an alternate spelling of Xavier with the same Spanish meaning and origin.
  552. Zenos – this unusual Greek boy’s name means “hospitality.”
  553. Zeus – sticking with Greek names, Zeus means “the sky” and “shine.”
  554. Zurial – this little-known Hebrew name means “the Lord, my rock.”
  555. Zyan – in English, it means “little king, “beautiful” in Arabic, and “God is gracious” in Hebrew.

Unusual Boy Names FAQs

The rarest, most unusual boy names include Zenos, Uther, Umbro, Takado, Quintus, Gaylord, and Huxley. Other examples like Koi, Leopold, Helmut, and Kazimir are popular in other countries but not so much in America.

555 Incredibly Unusual Boy Names: for Kickass Kids (1)

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What is the coolest name boy? ›

The coolest baby boy names
  • Aarav. This unusual and cool name means 'peaceful'.
  • Alvaro. Meaning 'elf warrior', this Spanish inspired name sounds cool and mystical.
  • Axel. This tough sounding name for a baby boy actually means 'my father is peace'.
  • Beau. ...
  • Bjorn. ...
  • Bruno. ...
  • Caspian. ...
  • Chance.
Nov 10, 2022

What is an edgy name for a boy? ›

Edgy Boy Names for Your Baby Rebel
EdgeBorder, End of a SurfaceAmerican
HarlemHome on a wooded hillDutch
10 more rows

What is the quirkiest name? ›

Explore Weird and Unusual Baby Girl and Boy Names
  • Vidura.
  • Wila.
  • Finrod.
  • Vaemond.
  • Dranreb.
  • Balzarina.
  • Petruchio.
  • Fridli.
Oct 16, 2023

What is the rarest unisex name? ›

Most Rare Gender-Neutral Names
  • Florian.
  • Gardener.
  • Guthrie.
  • Hero.
  • Indiana.
  • Jagger.
  • Jericho.
  • Kit.
Mar 15, 2019

What are cool unique names? ›

Unique, Cool Baby Names
  • Hendrix.
  • Cayson.
  • Petronilla.
  • Phaidra.
  • Osbert.
  • Logen.
  • Gelina.
  • Puleleiite.
Feb 1, 2024

What is a creative boy name? ›

Unique Creative Baby Boy Names
  • Calloway.
  • Fritz.
  • Blade.
  • Monet.
  • Jazz.
  • Ajax.
  • Joss.
  • Paxon.
Feb 1, 2024

What boy name means fearless? ›

Boy names meaning "fearless"
  • Abhay.
  • Abhijay.
  • Jabarri.
  • Abheek.
  • Nirbhay.
  • Ometz.

What are top 100 unique boy names with meaning? ›

Here's our list of the 100 best unique and unusual names for boys – together with their meanings...
  • Abia. More like this. Meaning: great.
  • Alger. Meaning: elf spear.
  • Ammar. Meaning: forever.
  • Arda. Meaning: bronze.
  • Arly. Meaning: hare meadow.
  • Balius. Meaning: dappled.
  • Baxley. Meaning: baker's meadow.
  • Baylen. Meaning: auburn-haired.
Feb 19, 2024

What is the most aesthetic boy name? ›

Aesthetic Baby Boy Names
  • Booker.
  • Rivers.
  • Riker.
  • Ted.
  • Garth.
  • Reo.
  • Fenton.
  • Eilo.
Feb 1, 2024

What is a cute one syllable boy name? ›

Here are more than 100 one syllable boy names to consider for your son:
  • Ace.
  • Beau.
  • Beck.
  • Blake.
  • Blaine.
  • Bo.
  • Brad.
  • Bram.
Mar 20, 2024

What is a hot name for a boy? ›

Hot Boy Names on the Rise
StetsonSon of the boxerEnglish
TadeoA Spanish form of Thaddeus.Spanish
TatumTata's homeEnglish
10 more rows

What is the rarest name? ›

Names Given to Fewer Than 5 Baby Boys in 2022
  • Aubin.
  • Bramwell.
  • Conran.
  • Crusoe.
  • Eisenhower.
  • Finlo.
  • Florent.
  • Gulliver.
Oct 13, 2023

What is the most creative name? ›

Unique Creative Baby Names
  • Neymar.
  • Hiraya.
  • Iida.
  • Akmad.
  • Rickon.
  • Caravaggio.
  • Lya.
  • Harela.
Feb 1, 2024

What is the most uncommon name? ›

Explore Uncommon Baby Girl and Boy Names
  • Claramae.
  • Thorn.
  • Matson.
  • Yoko.
  • Franny.
  • Branwen.
  • Calico.
  • Fenella.
Dec 22, 2022

What are top 100 boy names? ›

Indian Baby Boy Names and Their Meanings
ChinmayFull of knowledge, Supreme consciousness, Name of Lord Ganesha
DamanRope, Taming, Self-controlled, Conquering, One who controls
DarshSight, Handsome, Lord Krishna
DevanshPart of God, Demigod
93 more rows
Mar 20, 2024

What is the least liked boy name? ›

The least popular boys' names of 2023
  • Stewart.
  • Stuart.
  • Trevor.
  • Turner.
  • Tyde.
  • Uri.
  • Yuri.
  • Zekiel.

What is the most rare name? ›

Names Given to Fewer Than 5 Baby Boys in 2022
  • Aubin.
  • Bramwell.
  • Conran.
  • Crusoe.
  • Eisenhower.
  • Finlo.
  • Florent.
  • Gulliver.
Oct 13, 2023

Is Rich a boy name? ›

Rich is a boy's name of German origin. With a name meaning "old or powerful leader," don't be surprised if baby has wisdom beyond their years. Little Rich is sure to amaze you with their ability to take charge and make important decisions.

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