Easy Cabbage with Bacon Recipe (2024)

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Irish Fried Cabbage and Bacon is a simple recipe that's pan-fried in bacon grease and loaded up with bacon pieces and onion and seasoned with brown sugar, salt, and pepper.

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This Irish Fried Cabbage is the side dish you need for St. Patrick’s Day! It’s been perfected with just the right balance of ingredients and has been enjoyed over and over again by readers since 2017!

If you’re a big fan of Colcannon, you can combine this Irish Fried Cabbage with my Mashed Potatoes recipe! And don’t forget to make my Irish Cream No Bake Cookies for dessert!

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Fried Cabbage with Bacon

By paying close attention to detail, I found just the right ingredients to deliver the best Irish Fried Cabbage out there! And if you need reassurance, check out what readers have said about it in the comments section!

This Irish Fried Cabbage is made with bacon, studding it with crisp bacon bits throughout while also adding a deliciously smoky flavor to the dish! The addition of onions, salt, and pepper lends a savory flavor while you enjoy a natural sweetness from the cabbage that’s highlighted with a touch of brown sugar.

Easy Cabbage with Bacon Recipe (3)

You get all that flavor in this easy-to-follow recipe that’s ready in just 25 minutes! Making it the perfect side dish for all of March, a simple yet flavorful dinner at home, or for the holidays!

If you think you don’t like cabbage, this is the recipe that will change your mind! Between the flavor, texture, and ease of the recipe, it’ll be one that you carry with you from here on out!

Easy Cabbage with Bacon Recipe (4)

What you’ll need for Fried Cabbage with Bacon

  • Thick bacon and the drippings
  • Diced small onion
  • Shredded green cabbage
  • Light brown sugar
  • Salt
  • Ground Black Pepper
Easy Cabbage with Bacon Recipe (5)

How To Make Fried Cabbage and Bacon

  1. Cook bacon in a deep cast-iron skillet until crisp. Then transfer the bacon pieces to a paper towel-lined plate but leave the drippings in the pan.
  2. Add the diced onions to the drippings and cook them until they become translucent.
  3. Stir in the shredded cabbage. Afterward, add in the brown sugar, salt, and pepper and cook until the cabbage becomes tender.
  4. Add the bacon back into the pan with the cabbage and cook the mixture together.
  5. Serve hot and enjoy!
Easy Cabbage with Bacon Recipe (6)

What to serve with Cabbage and Bacon?

You can serve this with anything, anytime! Try it with Corned Beef, Ham, Skillet Baked Pork Chops, or even with Air Fryer Steak!

Fried Cabbage and Bacon Recipe FAQs

Can I Used Leftover Boiled Cabbage In This Recipe?

Absolutely, that’s such a great way to repurpose leftovers into a new tasty dish! The only thing I would recommend doing is reducing the cooking time.

Could I Leave The Brown Sugar Out Of This Fried Cabbage?

I actually find that the brown sugar adds a great depth of flavor to the recipe. However, if you’d like to leave it out you certainly can.

How to store this Cabbage Bacon Recipe

Just tightly cover them and store them in the refrigerator for 2 to 3 days. When you’re ready to enjoy the fried cabbage again you can reheat it on the stovetop or in the microwave.

Easy Cabbage with Bacon Recipe (7)

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Easy Cabbage with Bacon Recipe (9)

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Irish Fried Cabbage Bacon Recipe

Prep Time 5 minutes minutes

Cook Time 20 minutes minutes

Total Time 25 minutes minutes

Irish Fried Cabbage and Bacon is a simple recipe that’s pan-fried in bacon grease and loaded up with bacon pieces and onion and seasoned with brown sugar, salt, and pepper.


  • 6 ounces thick bacon and drippings
  • ½ small onion diced
  • ½ head green cabbage shredded
  • 1 tablespoon light brown sugar packed
  • ¼ teaspoon salt
  • ¼ teaspoon ground black pepper


  • Cook bacon in a deep cast iron skillet over medium-high heat until crisp, about 4 to 6 minutes. Use a slotted spatula to remove the bacon pieces and transfer to a paper towel-lined plate.

  • Add the diced onion to the bacon drippings and cook until translucent, about 1 to 2 minutes.

  • Add shredded cabbage to the pan and toss to coat. Add in brown sugar, salt, and pepper and cook until cabbage is tender, about 5 to 7 minutes.

  • Add the bacon back to the cabbage and cook for another 2 to 3 minutes. Serve hot and season with additional salt and pepper if desired.



  • Brown sugar can be left out if desired.
  • Leftover boiled cabbage can also be used, reduce cooking time.
  • This recipe is common in many regions with many variations, this one is mine.


Calories: 148kcal | Carbohydrates: 7g | Protein: 4g | Fat: 11g | Saturated Fat: 3g | Cholesterol: 18mg | Sodium: 299mg | Potassium: 198mg | Fiber: 2g | Sugar: 4g | Vitamin A: 85IU | Vitamin C: 28.4mg | Calcium: 32mg | Iron: 0.5mg

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  1. Pam says

    Easy Cabbage with Bacon Recipe (10)
    This is so easy to make and my family loves it. I first tried it foe St.Patricks day a few years ago and it has been a hit ever since


  2. M J says

    Easy Cabbage with Bacon Recipe (11)
    I have friends that throw holiday parties with 20 – 50 people. I found this recipe for the cabbage to compliment the main entry, Shepard’s Pie being served. The recipe was easy and quick to make. I cooked it for a longer time for the cabbage to cook to a softer texture. Everyone LOVED IT!! I will be making it again next year, but tripling the recipe since so many people raved about Irish Fried Cabbage with Bacon. YUM!


  3. Cathy Willson says

    Easy Cabbage with Bacon Recipe (12)
    Very good for a group meal. I will make this again!


  4. Kelly says

    Easy Cabbage with Bacon Recipe (13)
    I have made this for the past three years. Even the non cabbage eaters eat this! DELICIOUS! Thank you for sharing this recipe with us!


    • Rebecca Hubbell says

      Easy Cabbage with Bacon Recipe (14)
      So glad everyone enjoys it!


  5. Stephanie Stone says

    Easy Cabbage with Bacon Recipe (15)
    l cooked this to my mother in law because her mother was irish and really love it. I want to explore more of the irish cuisine


  6. Becky says

    I was wondering what is the serving size? I have to track macros very carefully so I would like to know how your calculations are balanced. Thank you so much. The recipe does seem like such a great one. I would love to try it!


  7. Sharon says

    How much is a serving in this recipe? 4 oz or 8 oz?


  8. Chrisy says

    Easy Cabbage with Bacon Recipe (16)
    Love Irish classics like these! Plus, there’s *bacon* 😀 Can’t wait to try your recipe!


  9. Janie Sheehan says

    Easy Cabbage with Bacon Recipe (17)
    My Grandmother made this and made a big pan of mashed potatoes and then mixed the two together, with green onions. Her version of colcannon which I make to this day. So good.


    • Rebecca says

      I love colcannon, it’s such a great way to use fried cabbage!


  10. Melody says

    One add-in idea: after removing cooked bacon pieces, add Turmeric to the bacon fat, stir well, then continue with recipe instructions. Turmeric is Very healthy for you! My husband’s Dr. says Turmeric coats the brain neurons preventing Alzheimer’s & Dementia. Also aids in preventing inflammation & lowering high Blood pressure.


  11. Mel says

    Easy Cabbage with Bacon Recipe (18)
    My husband and i were in Ireland for right at 3 years.. Actually steamed cabbage and ham (bacon) with no additives. Very delic the best served to us had to be in the town of Mallow @ The Gallery ❤ if visiting a must try!


    • Rebecca says

      I will have to look it up and see if I’ll be nearby when I’m back in Ireland in the fall!


  12. Marietta says

    I make this and add a can of fixed tomatoes


  13. JB says

    Easy Cabbage with Bacon Recipe (19)
    I just made this! So delicious!


    • Rebecca says

      I’m so glad you enjoyed it, JB!


  14. Marta says

    Easy Cabbage with Bacon Recipe (20)
    Also delicious if made with a little bit of garlic and a pinch of marjoram! (but without the brown sugar in that case)


  15. Joan Anderson says

    Looks delicious! Could you also use red cabbage in this recipe?


    • Rebecca says

      Hi Joan, I’m not sure as I’ve never tried it. Red cabbage isn’t as sweet after cooking as green cabbage, so you could definitely try it out if you want, just may need to add a little more sugar.


      • Heather Dean says

        Easy Cabbage with Bacon Recipe (21)
        Thankyou Rebecca for great recipes. Keep up the great work ! Yours Truly, Heathet Dean.xox

  16. Supriya Kutty says

    Easy Cabbage with Bacon Recipe (22)
    Hi Rebecca, This is Awesome Recipe. I tried your Recipe and it Worked Well So Thank you for Sharing this.


    • Rebecca says

      I’m so glad you enjoyed it!


  17. Edith Grimstead says

    I love cabbage just about any way!!This recipe sounds yummy!!


    • Rebecca says

      I hope you get a chance to enjoy it soon!


      • Irene says

        My Mother in law taught me how to make this 40 yr ago..
        Real soul food..the two of us could finish off a pan full ?

      • Rebecca says

        It’s such a classic recipe in so many parts of the world!

  18. Linda Williams says

    Easy Cabbage with Bacon Recipe (23)


Easy Cabbage with Bacon Recipe (2024)


Why do you put baking soda in cabbage? ›

Adding baking soda to your boiling cabbage can help reduce the objectionable smell and maintain the green color long after when it typically turns grayish from cooking for too long. However, this may rid the cabbage of its nutritional value.

What are 3 ways you can eat cabbage? ›

Cabbage is among the most versatile vegetables. It can be served raw as a crunchy coleslaw, braised on the stove, roasted in the oven, cooked in the slow cooker or even grilled like a steak.

How do you cook cabbage without making it soggy? ›

Giving sliced wedges of cabbage a quick roasting session in the oven will help them to caramelize and get nice and crispy. Instead of getting soggy and overcooked, the cabbage will have a nice crisp texture and a more complex flavor than raw cabbage. You can also infuse cabbage with tons of flavor by braising it.

How do you keep cabbage crisp when cooking? ›

**Steaming**: Steaming cabbage preserves most of its nutrients and helps maintain its texture. Steam the cabbage until it is tender but still slightly crisp, usually for about 5-7 minutes. 2. **Sautéing**: Sautéing cabbage in a little oil over medium heat cooks it quickly while retaining its nutrients and flavor.

Why do you soak cabbage before cooking? ›

Crisp it up: Shredded cabbage stays perky if it's soaked in cold water.

What is the disadvantage of using baking soda to vegetables? ›

This is a bad practice, however, and you should avoid adding baking soda when boiling any type of vegetable. It has various unwelcome effects, such as softening the vegetable, altering the vegetable's flavor, destroying thiamine content, and hastening the loss of vitamin C.

What is the healthiest way to eat cabbage? ›

Although you get different nutrients if you cook or ferment it, raw red cabbage in particular might give you the best nutritional boost per serving. Slice it very thinly and leave it for about 10 minutes to help bring out the fullest, most complex flavors. Then add it to salads or sandwiches or turn it into coleslaw.

What does cabbage do for the human body? ›

Cabbage is highly nutritious and rich in vitamin C, fiber, and vitamin K. Some research suggests that it may have health benefits that include supporting digestion and heart health, among others. Despite its impressive nutrient content, cabbage is often overlooked.

Is cabbage healthier for you than lettuce? ›

Which should you choose? If you're looking for the healthier option of the two, choose cabbage. Lettuce varieties such as red leaf lettuce and romaine are also good options. Cabbage, including green and red cabbage, is typically higher in vitamins, minerals, and beneficial plant compounds than iceberg lettuce.

Can you overcook cabbage? ›

The key to cooking cabbage: Don't overcook it.

Cabbage is sweet and aromatic when cooked correctly. But the same sulfuric compounds that provide many of its health benefits can turn saboteur when overcooked, creating a pungent, unpleasant smell.

Why is my cabbage bitter after cooking? ›

Overcooking cabbage releases sulfur compounds that can give it a bitter taste. Another possible reason is that the cabbage was not fresh.

How do you get the gas out of cabbage? ›

To reduce the likelihood of experiencing gas after eating cabbage, consider cooking it thoroughly. This can help break down the fibers and make it easier to digest. Additionally, try adding caraway seeds or fennel seeds to your cabbage dishes, as these spices are known to help reduce gas.

Should cabbage be cooked over high heat? ›

As with other brassicas, high heat is what you're after here in order to get the most flavor out of cabbage. Cutting the head up into fat wedges helps build up a nice contrast between deeply browned exterior and tender, meaty interior.

How long should you boil cabbage before it's done? ›

Boiled Cabbage

Bring a large pot of salted water to a boil, then add cabbage. (It's OK to crowd the pot because the cabbage will shrink!) Step 2Boil until tender, about 5 minutes for shredded cabbage and 10 minutes for wedges.

Do you cover cabbage with water when cooking? ›

Put the cabbage leaves or shredded cabbage in a large pan and cover halfway with water. Bring to the boil and cook for 3-5 mins or until tender. This is often followed by blanching – see the next point.

What happens if you add baking soda to cabbage water? ›

The cabbage juice is called an indicator because it can tell you the pH of a solution based on the color that it changes. The vinegar will turn the cabbage juice red because it is an acid (acetic acid). The baking soda will turn the cabbage juice greenish-yellow because it is a base (sodium bicarbonate).

How long to soak cabbage in baking soda? ›

Submerge the fruit or vegetables in the baking soda water. Let soak for 12 to 15 minutes. The time will help the baking soda do its job. Swish the produce around in the water or push it down several times to ensure all sides of the produce is being cleaned.

What can you put on cabbage to stop bugs from eating it? ›

Growing aromatic plants amongst the cabbage-type plants — like hyssop, thyme, wormwood, celery, dill, sage and onions — will all help to confuse these insects. BT (Bacillus thuringiensis) or Dipel, if you spray each week, can also control these insects.

What can I add to cabbage to prevent gas? ›

Pairing cabbage with digestive aids such as ginger, turmeric, or cumin can help improve digestion and minimize gas. Additionally, incorporating probiotic-rich foods like yogurt or kefir into your meals can also support digestive health.

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