Euro 2024: "Mercedes v Reliant Robins" - how fans reacted to Scotland's defeat (2024)

Euro 2024: "Mercedes v Reliant Robins" - how fans reacted to Scotland's defeat (1)Image source, PA Media

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There are few things more likely to fire up unhappy supporters than an international defeat.

And Scotland's hammering in their long-awaited Euro 2024 opener against hosts Germany produced a volcanic eruption of fury.

More than 600 supporters left their thoughts in the immediate aftermath of their side's 5-1 mauling in Munich.

It's safe to say none of them were happy with what they had seen...

Bill Black: After 10 minutes, I came out of my comfortable armchair and moved to behind the couch. Germany could and should have had double figures. The Swiss and Magyars must be rubbing their hands.

R Petrie: It was if Scotland started with nine players with a hangover from a couple of weeks off in the sun, against a team who knew how to thread a pass and control the ball. A team of hungry athletes against a lacklustre group of patriots.

Nazz: Germany treated us like we were opposition in a friendly. Ran right over us. We treated it like we had won a raffle to be there. Overawed, terrified, nervous. It was a humiliating performance and one we have to bounce back from quickly.

Ronnie Welsh: So poor it was embarrassing - team selection also poor - Mercedes versus Reliant Robin.

‘Porteous is too aggressive’

Watford defender Ryan Porteous' red card compounded a dreadful showing in defence for Scotland.

And the supporters were not slow to put a spotlight on the former Hibernian centre-back...

Taylor Ross: Porteous should hang his head in shame - he turned an already difficult game into mission impossible.

Tim Bird: Porteous rolling around on the deck after trying to break Gundogan's leg was exactly the level Scotland were at. Desperate.

Alison: I said before a ball was kicked, don't play Porteous. I predicted he would be sent off. If only I could predict the lottery numbers... He's too aggressive. He could have seriously injured the German player.

Kevin: Porteous should never be allowed to pull on the Scotland strip again. Shocking tackle that absolutely deserved the red card it got. However, we were already chasing shadows. Entire team was nowhere near good enough.

'This has to be pinned on the gaffer'

While the performance of the players left fans frustrated, head coach Steve Clarke came in for serious criticism too...

Keith Harvey: Tactical naivety from Clarke. How he and the players did not adapt to stop Gundogan is beyond belief.

James: Wrong approach. Out to defend against a team who love to attack. The German defence, when having to defend, was their weakness. Clarke should have known this before the game.

Peter: This has to be pinned on the gaffer, who got tactics and team selection wrong. But make no mistake the players were subdued and generally not up for it

Stan Bland: Am a fan of Steve Clarke but thought his gameplan was wrong. Gave too much respect to Germany, standing off them.

Fraser M: Clarke got tactics wrong, leaving Billy Gilmour on the bench. Many of our players were shown up as not being international class. In summary, we just don't have players that are good enough.

But on the bright side…

It's hard to think of too many positives or smile-generating moments from the game, but the Tartan Army being what it is, you still managed to find some glimmers of positivity...

David Harrison: I was watching it in a pub in Yorkshire, and you know it's bad when a pub of English people sympathise with you, and say "don't worry, it'll get better".

Brian Robinson: This game has past now and in the past it must remain, l would say. Head up boys, two games to go.

Alan Joiner: The only thing now is try and restore some pride give the nation something to shout about. Surely they cannot be so poor again.

Colin Murray: I would like to say it's the worst performance in living memory. Sadly it's not, the 5-1 drubbing by England in 75 and the 5-0 drubbing by Portugal in 93 are bitter memories. Qualifying for these tournaments is the pinnacle for Scotland. The fans enjoy a holiday and extol the virtues of our country to a global population. They are second to none in that regard. That is Scotland’s true victory.

Do you agree with the fans who got in touch? What do Scotland need to do ahead of Wednesday's clash with Switzerland?

Let us know here, external.

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Euro 2024: "Mercedes v Reliant Robins" - how fans reacted to Scotland's defeat (2024)
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