How to Make a Diaper Cake The Easy Way (2024)

How to make a diaper cake with lots of helpful tips and tricks plus tons of inspiration for how to decorate diaper cakes.

This is your ultimate guide to making a diaper cake!

How to Make a Diaper Cake The Easy Way (1)

Diaper cakes are a stack of rolled or folded diapers made to look like a traditional tiered cake. They are one of my favorite gifts to take to a baby shower because they double as a decoration. A diaper cake can be the fun focal point of baby shower decorations. It’s really fun to decorate a diaper cake to match the party theme. Plus they’re a handy gift that you know every new mom will be able to use.

If you want to make a diaper cake, you’ll find all of the information you need below. With the help of this thorough set of instructions, you can do it, promise! I’ll walk you through the process of gathering materials, building the structure part of the diaper cake and then the fun part— decorating it!

Best Diapers to Use for a Diaper Cake

There are so many different diapers available that it can be overwhelming to choose some for a diaper cake. My first suggestion is to get a larger size of diaper… babies grow out of newborn and size 1 diapers so quickly and mothers often receive these sizes as gifts. I say buy size 2, 3 or 4 diapers.

My second suggestion is to look for plain white diapers or to find a patterned diaper and pick one that will match your color scheme. There are some really darling diapers nowadays with trendy patterns printed on them and these diapers can really jazz up a diaper cake. Here are a few of my favorite diaper brands to use for diaper cakes:

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Choose A Base for your Diaper Cake

You’ll want a sturdy foundation to build your diaper cake on, especially if you plan to transport it to a baby shower or if you want to be able to send it home with the mother-to-be. Here are a few diaper cake base ideas you could use:

  • Metal Pizza Pan from Dollar Tree – Spray paint it, leave it silver, add a circle of scrapbook paper or hot glue some trim around the edges.
  • Charger – Any plastic or melamine charger would make a great base for a diaper cake. They sell these at almost any craft store and they have them at Dollar Tree as well.
  • Cake Board – Check in the cake decorating aisle of the craft store for pre-cut cardboard rounds used for building actual cakes. They are perfect for building diaper cakes too!
  • Tiered Cake Stand – This option is best paired with a cake board if you want to be able to transport the diaper cake in one piece, but it definitely makes for a pretty presentation at the party.

How Many Diapers Do I Need To Make A Diaper Cake?

The number of diapers you will need to make a diaper cake depends on how big you’d like your finished cake to be and how many layers you plan to make. More diapers equals a bigger cake. However, here’s a diaper cake sizing guide that will help you estimate how many diapers to buy.

The bottom tier of the diaper cakes I make are approximately 12-14 inches in diameter. Here’s how many diapers I used:

The size of your finished diaper cake will also be slightly affected by the size of diapers you use. I used size 4 diapers for all of the diaper cakes shown in this post. If you use newborn or size 1 diapers, you may need to add one or two extra diapers to each round to make up the slight size difference.

Diaper Cake Supply List

These are the supplies you need to make a diaper cake.

How to Make a Diaper Cake The Easy Way (4)
  • 50 Diapers
  • 51 Regular Sized Rubber Bands (one for each diaper and one for wrapping around the top tier)
  • 2 Extra Large Rubber Bands, also called File Bands (for wrapping around the bottom two tiers)
  • 1 Cake Base
  • 1 Large Bottle of Lotion or a Paper Towel/Wrapping Paper Cardboard Tube
  • Wide Ribbon (or other alternative—see below)
  • Embellishments (see list of ideas below)
  • Hot Glue Gun + Glue Sticks

Diaper Cake Assembly Instructions

How to Make a Diaper Cake The Easy Way (5)
  1. Roll one diaper up and secure it with a small rubber band. Repeat for all of the diapers.
  2. Place a heavy bottle of baby lotion or shampoo in the center of your cake base. You can also use an empty paper towel or wrapping paper tube.
  3. Begin making a layer of rolled up diapers all the way around the bottle. Secure all of the individual diapers together with one large rubber band all the way around the outside. I suggest making the base layer three diapers deep, but use as many as it takes to fill up the entire cake base evenly.
  4. Make the second layer on top of the first and decrease the size by at least one round of diapers. Repeat for the third layer and any additional layers you want to add if necessary.
How to Make a Diaper Cake The Easy Way (6)

Once your diapers form the shape of a tiered cake, you’re ready to decorate!

Diaper Cake Decorating Ideas

Every diaper cake needs three decorations:

  1. Ribbon. The most common item to use is ribbon, but you can get creative with tulle, rolled up receiving blankets or even wrapping paper or scrapbook paper cut into strips.
  2. A cute cake topper. Adding something to the top of the cake will make it look finished and will hide the hole where the paper towel tube or lotion bottle might show.
  3. Embellishments. These are the decorative accents that will give your diaper cake the “wow” factor.You can use paper flowers, silk flowers, paper shreds, curling ribbon, small toys, bows, floral picks, baby booties, small stuffed animals, or anything else that you think would be cute or that would fit with the theme of your baby shower.

Here are some diaper cake decorating ideas for boys and girls. I’ve included details about each cake below the photo.

How to Make a Diaper Cake The Easy Way (7)

There are so many different ways you can decorate a diaper cake, so be creative and have fun with it.

If you’re looking for another fun and clever baby shower gift idea, check out this baby shower burp cloth bouquet.

Diaper Cake Video Tutorial

I hope you’ve found this post helpful in learning how to make a diaper cake. Be sure to pin the image below so you can find this information later.

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How to Make a Diaper Cake The Easy Way (2024)


How many size 1 diapers do I need to make a diaper cake? ›

Most diaper cakes use about 50 to 75 newborn or size 1 diapers. Here's what you'll need: A cake topper (a stuffed animal, ribbon, board book, etc.)

What holds a diaper cake together? ›

Ribbons are great for helping to hold the diapers in place, and they can also help tie the “look” of the diaper cake together.

How do you make a 3 tier diaper cake without rolling it? ›

No Roll Diaper Cake Tutorial
  1. Gather three round pots, pans, or containers of various sizes.
  2. Start with the largest layer. ...
  3. Use a string, rubber band, or anything you have, to temporarily secure the diapers within the pan. ...
  4. Repeat the process with the remaining two layers.
  5. Stack the three layers.
Feb 1, 2012

What do you need to make a diaper cake? ›

Diaper Cake Supplies

To get started, you will need some disposable diapers, rubber bands. I also like to get an tray to use to put the cake on to make it easier to move around. If you don't want to use a tray, you could cut a piece of cardboard the size you will need.

How do you make homemade diapers? ›

Bring the part of the t-shirt extending above the sleeves down over the sleeves. The upper part of the lowercase "t" shape should be folded all the way over, creating a capital "T" shape. Fold the bottom of the shirt in half. Take the bottom portion of the shirt and draw it up to the bottom sleeve line.

Can you use size 2 diapers for a diaper cake? ›

Choose size 2 diapers for your cake, since many babies never wear the newborn size, and they grow out of the size 1s astoundingly quickly. Make your cake colorful by picking washcloths and blankets in different shades and patterns. Use a special toy or stuffed animal as a cake topper.

What size ribbon do you use for diaper cake? ›

Assortment of ribbon in colors that complement the diaper pattern you selected. We used a 3-inch wide “thick” ribbon and a 1-inch wide “thin” ribbon. Cake plate, paper plate, or piece of cardboard for the base. Cake decorations or baby accessories (optional).

How do you make a diaper cake without rolling it? ›

Wrap some string or a rubber band around the middle of the diaper "cake." This will hold your diaper cake together. Do not use tape or glue, as this can ruin the diapers, and make them unusable for the new mom. Repeat the process for the other pie pans.

Can you make a diaper cake without rubber bands? ›

Step 6: Stack all three layers (your two diaper layers, then your Diaper Genie refill layer) and top with a tub of your favorite diaper cream then decorate. Takes less than 30 minutes to assemble! Plus, no rubber bands are needed. You don't want to roll them, and a new mom doesn't want to unroll them!

How many diapers does it take to make a 3 layer diaper cake? ›

Materials and tools needed for a 3 tier Diaper Cake:

2) Roll the diaper up tightly. 3) Secured the rolled up diaper with a mini rubber band (place on the upper one third of the diaper, you'll know why in just a minute). 4) Repeat step 3 for 59 times, because you'll need 60 diapers all together!

How do you make a diaper cake without rolling diapers? ›

Wrap some string or a rubber band around the middle of the diaper "cake." This will hold your diaper cake together. Do not use tape or glue, as this can ruin the diapers, and make them unusable for the new mom. Repeat the process for the other pie pans.

How do you make a diaper cake with wipes? ›

Start with your center of baby wipes and then simply add diapers around them. I rolled the diapers and rubber banded each one individually. Then I placed the rolled up diapers around the wipes. I secured the entire cake with an extra large rubber band.

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